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Featured Painting: Michael Godard's "Slots of Fun"

Micahel Godard is referred to as the art world's explosive Rockstar. He is one of the top selling artists in the world. Michael Godard creates a lot of art pieces for the casino and gambling industry as well. He expresses his feelings in a lighthearted manner using animated olives and grapes and dancing strawberries. The unique and imaginative way in which he portrays characters using subtle humor evokes creativity in viewers. He has not only redefined art, but also given it a punch line.

Slots of Fun

Slots of Fun by Michael Godard

Limited number of signed prints of this painting (Giclee on Canvas) in different sizes has been released, but all of them have been sold out. In the painting the Slots of Fun, you can see a filled cocktail glass with a bunch of cherries in it. You can also see cut water melon dancing along with an orange and a bell that dance holding their hands, conveying a mood of happiness. Godard's paintings are collected by people from all walks of life, including movie stars, private collectors and rock stars. Millions of people around the world get to see Godard's imaginative art in cruise lines, art galleries, hotels, merchandising kiosks, magazines, stores, television and casinos. His paintings can also be seen adorning the walls of the Pentagon's Officers' Lounge. He has been featured in magazines, television shows and has even appeared on a number of news programs, including INKED of A&E, Mind Freak of Criss Angel, the Biography Channel, MTV, and HBO. A documentary film based on the life of Godard has won several awards. Further, his Book, Do not Drink and Draw: the art and life of Michael Godard, has won the Art Book of the Year award. Michael Godard also supports philanthropic causes working closely with St Judes, Nevada Cancer Institute, Make a Wish and The Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Foundation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I heard that Ironlak; is bad for your health compared to other brands/ contains lead/ is illegal in Europe/ contains cheap and thus deadly ingredients?

Short answer: Ironlak is no more toxic and in some cases less toxic than other brands. However, spray paint fumes are not good for you regardless of what brand you use. You should always wear a mask and gloves when painting. Ironlak does NOT contain lead. Ironlak is registered with REACH in Europe and is 100% complient with the new European Chemical Laws. Ironlak uses quality pigments and ingredients which we source from around the globe. We grind our pigments four times.

Long answer: For more info see our response to recent propaganda from our competitiors by clicking here.

Ok, cool. Where can I find Ironlak's MSDS?

Our up to date material safety data sheet can be found here:

Can Ironlak be used in colder climates?

As we expand into Europe and the Americas we have had some of the world’s best writers use the paint in below zero temperatures. The results? Ironlak performed better than other brands in similar situations.

So, now that Ironlak is getting sold in other countries does this mean that you don’t care about the Australian scene any more?

This couldn’t be further from the truth. We are still based here, and we are still actively involved in the Australian scene. We have eight Australian writers on our sponsorship roster (and two Kiwis) and we are constantly supporting other Australian events and writers. We’ve got a lot in store for Australia this year which includes our BBQ Burners events and some huge competitions. We have always supported the Australian scene and given more back than any other company. This will not change.

We would like to remind you that we ARE your peers. We are NOT a huge multinational corporation only interested in raping the culture for a quick dollar. Fact: Ironlak was started by writers who wanted to provide a quality product at a reasonable price for Australian writers! Fact: Research, development, the highest level of materials and shipping thousands of kilos around the world all to be sold at the lowest cost - does not make us rich. Support the company that is attempting to support you.

Ironlak’s founder/owner/director still gets out to rock a piece once a week, and out of the handful of staff that we employ worldwide, only one of them is not a graffiti writer, however he grew up around graff and has an understanding and appreciation of the culture.

Who is in the Ironlak Family and how did you select them?

Worldwide we have three official teams and an extended family that all represent Ironlak. The original Australian Ironlak Team is: Sofles, Linz, Sirum, Reals and Tues. Ironlak Team USA is Ewok, Pose, Augor, Jaes and Enue. Ironlak Team Europe is Bates, Banos, Storm, Does and Wany. Our Extended Family is Askew and PhatOne from New Zealand and Meks, Vans and Seiko from Australia.

The writers were selected based on their ability, their reputation and the fact that they had previously shown considerable loyalty to Ironlak. Many of the writers had previous dealings with Ironlak, while others didn't. We looked for an even blend of diversity amongst the team so that everyone could contribute something unique, as well as looking for writers we felt complimented one another. 

Can I join the Ironlak Family?

No. Sorry, at this time we are very happy with our team. If in the future we are looking to add new members to the Ironlak Team we will approach artists who we think are suitable. Don't call us, we'll call you.

Will you sponsor me or my crew?

Due to the number of highly talented artists and crews around the world it is impossible to sponsor everyone. We are however constantly on the lookout for fresh, innovative skilled artists for prospective sponsorship.

Will you sponsor my exhibition/ event?

We are always open to the possibility of sponsoring events and frequently look for new ways in which we can support the culture. We try to associate ourselves with events that best represent our brand and the culture at the same time, while remaining aligned to our vision. If you have an event coming up that you think we would be interested in supporting, please email us a proposal.

What is Ironlak's RRP? Why do some stores charge more than others?

Unfortunately we can't control what price stores sell Ironlak for, at the end of the day the price they choose to sell for may be dictated by many different things such as higher overheads. 

If you are unhappy with the price in your local store, you could politely approach them for a discount if you buy in bulk from them. 

Despite increased production costs to us; such as global oil increases and costs associated with our constant quality improvements, we haven't increased our wholesale price in four years. We do this to keep the paint affordable for you.

Will more colours be released?

At AVT Paints we are constantly pushing ourselves, testing new products and working on new colours. When we launched in October 2004 we had ten colours, currently our colour range consists of 84 colours. We already have new products in the works see "The Learn More Blog" to be kept in the loop.

Does Ironlak support illegal graffiti?

As mentioned on our disclaimer page Ironlak does not encourage, support or condone illegal graffiti and this is not the intended use of our product. We do from time to time support events and competitions that are graffiti-related, however any paint supplied is always done so with the intent that it be used for legal art related purposes only. We believe graffiti is a legitimate artform, which is why we have interest in supporting it when done legitimately. We cannot be held responsible if our product is misused. 

We plan to work closely with councils in order to support local community by way of heavy involvement in "graffiti awareness sessions" for young people to assist with the reduction of illegal graffiti.

What sort of nozzle comes with Ironlak?

All new Ironlak cans come standard with an Ironlak Vegan Cap (outliner). This can be used to fill and is even better for those crisp, sharp outlines. We still also include two free black New York Fat Caps with every can of Ironlak, ask your stockist for these.

Can I use other nozzles?

Other caps/nozzles can be used with Ironlak. Skinny caps to reduce the spray rate for fine lines and Ultra Fat ones for quick fills in a rush. Ask your local stockist for these.

Can I buy direct from AVT Paints?

We have in the past had plans to sell direct to the public through the website, however for a number of reasons we have decided against this. The two main reasons for this are that some states have laws prohibiting sales to minors and this would make it difficult to determine. The other reason is that our retailers have done a fantastic job in supporting us and giving us a chance to get our product to the Australian public and we feel we owe them the same and to keep them involved in the whole selling process. 

Where can I buy Ironlak?

At all good artwork supply stores. If your local paint shop or hardware doesn't stock us, ask them to get us in. It makes life easier for you. 

Is Ironlak Australian made and owned?

Yes, we are proudly 100% Australian Owned. Ironlak was previously made in Australia but in 2008 decided to move our production offshore. 

Why is Ironlak now made in China?

We have had problems with past suppliers letting us down, our customers wanted greater longevity in the paint and a product that doesn’t block as many nozzles among other things. With this in mind and a desire for greater control over the manufacturing and to deliver increased value to our customers we moved to create a partnership in China that for the first time really allows us true control over the manufacturing of Ironlak. We source quality materials from around the globe and assemble them in our factory.


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Ironlak | 400ml Interior/ Exterior Paint.

Ironlak has been developed with the artist’s needs in mind and was designed to offer the best coverage, alongside great control and a vibrant colour range of over 80 colours. Whilst primary attention was focused on producing a top quality line of paint, it was important that Ironlak products remained affordable for writers.

Ironlak performs extremely well in a variety of different climates, both hot and cold. Cans come fitted with the Ironlak Vegan Cap (outliner) and an additional two free Ironlak NY fat caps.

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